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Clarion Call to UNITY in the Bride of Christ

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This book is the twin book to Organic Christianity: Back to the Garden, which reveals the identity and position of the Bride. This book addresses some harsh realities of the condition of the Bride. It is not meant to put anyone down or hurt ministries. It’s meant to examine the condition of the Bride, the church, and what can we do to prepare for the harvest.

This book will reveal a few of the prophetic events on the horizon for the Bride and the actions she must take to meet her destiny; which was written before time began. We are the True Bride and the last generation to prepare the way for second coming of the Lord.

As we close in on our final moments on Earth, we are about to embark upon the most perilous times for humanity; and yet the most exciting times for the true Bride.  The true Bride is the remnant believers who are not tainted by the spirit of antichrist. They are the sold-out ones who have made herself ready for the King when He arrives.  She is without spot or wrinkle and kept her lamps full.

This Bride is the one who has been alert and sober. They are the watchmen on the walls and the intercessors who have the heart for souls and the mission that God has placed within them. The true Bride recognizes they are a conduit for God’s glory and allow God to use their bodies for His glory. They have the revelation that they are married to the Lord and their bodies are not their own and have been bought with a price; thus this Bride protects this anointing at all costs.

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