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Shut the Gates: Purity in the Bedroom

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Shut the Gates tackles the tough issues of sex in the Bride of Christ. What boundaries should we follow? What about fornication, adultery, homosexuality, transgender, beastiality, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, etc. What is the Body of Christ’s positions on these critical issues and how can we remain pure in such a tainted society?

How do we consider a mate? What protocol should we follow? What guidelines should I use?

How can I have a healthy sex life in marriage? What are within God’s boundaries? Can I enjoy sex?

If I had a rough background with sex, how can I change and become pure and holy before God’s eyes? Can I start over? Can He restore me?

This book addresses those sensitive issues and provides a guideline for all Christians.

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 # 4 in the We are the Bride Series

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